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Unexcused absences

Status "Unpaid"

We understand the frustration of clients making reservations and then not showing up. Not only does this ruin the idea of a full class, but it also unnecessarily blocks spots for serious attendees (and unfortunately, even our "Waiting List" feature can't help in this case).

Now, you can keep track of no-shows and non-payers within the attendance records. If a client doesn't show up for a class without notifying you, you can mark these reservations as Unpaid.

A client whose reservation is marked as unpaid will be highlighted in red in the system. This includes:

In the overview table with all your clients

Every subsequent reservation in the class attendance overview

Client detail

In the client's detail view, you can see all the classes they missed and didn't pay for. This status can, of course, be adjusted retroactively.

You can either mark the reservation as Paid once the client settles their dues, or you can cancel the unpaid reservation (for instance, if there was a valid reason for their absence).