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Integrate your booking system with Mailchimp and SmartEmailing

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Honza Bouchner
founder and tech lead of

Well-established email communication is the foundation of successful practice management. It helps build stronger relationships with existing clients and keeps even those clients who haven't visited for a while informed.

You may be wondering how our booking system can help you with this.

Integrate your booking system with Mailchimp and SmartEmailing

In Zenamu, you can now integrate your account with two tools for bulk email sending.

With Mailchimp and SmartEmailing, you can create and send playful and creative newsletters from one place, ensuring your clients are informed about all the news, upcoming courses or workshops and stay on time.

Thanks to these tools, you'll also get insights into how many of them read your message or whether it was delivered!

How does the integration work exactly?

Once you choose one of the tools, all your contacts will be instantly imported into it.

It includes:

  • First and last name of the client
  • Email
  • Phone number

In Mailchimp, you can also add labels that you can assign to clients in Zenamu (in Mailchimp, they call it "Tags")

The system respects it if someone decides not to subscribe to your promotional emails when making a booking. You'll recognize these clients in Zenamu by the absence of an Email Marketing Agreement checkbox next to their names. Their contact information is uploaded into the tool but marked not to receive your communications.

Newly registered clients

Once you have the integration enabled, when a new client signs up for your class, they are automatically imported from Zenamu into Mailchimp or SmartEmailing.

If later on, you send a newsletter and a client unsubscribes, this information is automatically synchronized back to Zenamu.