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Class tags ➡️ client tags

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Honza Bouchner
founder and tech lead of

In our latest update, we've enhanced your class listings by introducing the ability to assign tags 🚀, in addition to specifying the date, price, and payment options.

Tags serve as a powerful tool to assist your clients in navigating through your offerings more effectively. They also offer you a clearer overview of your clientele. 🙂

Think of it this way

Your class schedule is packed with yoga, pilates, and massage sessions.

By assigning specific tags— yoga to your yoga classes, pilates to your pilates sessions, and massage to your massage appointments—you make it simpler for clients who are seeking a particular service, such as a massage, to find exactly what they're interested in.

How does this work? It allows you to filter the appointments in your public schedule by teacher, location, and now by tag as well.

Enhancing Your Public Schedule with Filters

Class tags ➡️ client tags

Now, when a client books any of your tagged classes, that same tag will automatically be applied to their profile as well. This feature provides you with a comprehensive view of the client table, showcasing the specific classes chosen by individual clients.

For instance, this enhancement allows you to target your marketing emails and newsletters with greater precision and relevance 😉.

And if you're curious whether these tags sync with your email marketing tools — given that Zenamu already supports integration with platforms like Mailchimp — we're delighted to confirm that they indeed do!

While client tags have been a feature in Zenamu for some time, they previously required manual assignment. Now, we've come full circle with the introduction of automatic tag assignment: when a client books a class that has a specific tag, that tag will now automatically be added to their profile 🙂.

Additionally, this seamless tagging functionality extends to our plugin, allowing you to embed the class schedule directly on your website with all the filtering capabilities intact.