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Appointment Scheduling Software

For your open classes, courses and workshops
Easy to set up and easy for customers to book.

For freelance yoga teachers 🧘‍♀️, pilates and dance studios 💃

Reliable, robust, and flexible. No WhatsApp groups or individual mobile bookings
Fair cancellation policies for both clients and your business with automatic cancellation fees
Collect advance payments with Stripe Payment Gateway; no more chasing customers for payment
Zenamu example yogi
30 secs
for clients to book
25 %
increase in class participation
60 %
off time - saved weekly
Make it easy for your clients to book and pay for classes on your class schedule page, complete with custom branding.

Guided Booking System Tutorial

Worried about navigating the system for the first time? We've got your back. Our concise guide will help you take those initial steps with ease.

Easy to View on Both Your PC and Phone - Use on Any Device

Zenamu is accessible anytime, anywhere, on multiple devices including laptops, tablet computers, and Android and iOS mobile devices.

Integration with Your Website

Multiple Payment Options Available

Decide how you wish to receive payments for your classes. Enjoy fast and secure payment options during booking!

How does it work?

Credit Card Payments
Stripe Verified Partner | Zenamu

Accept online payments via credit card. Connecting your Stripe account to Zenamu is as simple as following the link in your account, logging into your Stripe account, and authorizing the connection.

How does it work?

Less Work and More Income

Zenamu automatically notifies you about bookings, processes payments and handles cancellations along with cancellation fees (including makeup sessions).

It also manages your waiting lists and sends automated email notifications to your clients.

How does it work?

Booking System?

Most importantly, it should be easy to use...

We've tailored Zenamu for professionals to guide you through your practice and enhance your presentations.

Our mission is to be a practical tool for both yogis and dance instructors, whether you’re running a well-established studio or an individual teacher just starting your own business.

Curious as to how Zenamu can enhance your practice?
We get that learning new system isn't your favourite free time activity 🙂

Let's meet online. In just a few minutes, we'll introduce our system, answer your questions, and assist you in setting up your account.

Set up your first class, course, or workshop in just five minutes.

No commitment required.