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Booking software

for your group classes, courses and workshops
For freelance instructors, yoga, pilates or dance studios.. User-friendly for both you and your clients. You'll be a Zenamu whiz before you can bat an eye.

Booking and payments available 24/7, even while you're working out or sleeping

Accepting advance payments and setting up clear cancellation fees = income guaranteed

Make it easy for your clients to book and pay for classes on your custom schedule page.

Another last-minute cancellation right before the class? Never worry about such situations again!

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booking and client payment

effective classes

First Steps in Zenamu

Worried about navigating the system for the first time? Don't be! We've got you covered with a short guide to help you take those first steps smoothly, introducing you to all the essential features.

Credits, entries or cash?

You decide how you want to receive payment for your classes.

How does it work?

Automation and income increase

Zenamu automatically informs you about the booking, processes payments, handles cancellations and cancellation fees (including make-up sessions).

It also takes care of substitutes and sends a number of automated e-mail notifications.

How does it work?

Credit card payments

Accept payments by credit card online. It only takes a moment to connect to the Stripe payment gateway, and you'll be accepting card payments before you can say Shavasana.

How does it work?

Easy to view both on your PC and your phone

You can log in to Zenamu from anywhere and from any device that can open a web browser - PC, mobile or tablet.

Integration with your website

Organize your first class, course or workshop in five minutes.

No strings attached.

Simple booking system.

Designed for yoga, dance, and other group classes!

We have tailored Zenamu for all teachers to help guide them through their practice, facilitate the way they list their classes and participate in their presentation.

Our mission is to become a practical accessory for all yogis or dance instructors - whether they are running a well-established studio or individual teachers starting their own business.

Are you wondering how Zenamu can help enhance your practice?

We'll meet online via Google Meet, and within a few minutes we'll introduce our system, answer your questions, and help you set up your account.

Barbora & Honzaand Zenamu team