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Booking system for yoga studios, dance studios, and other group classes

Michaela owns a yoga studio 👀

She created an account on Zenamu named Yoga and You. Clients book spots in her classes through her personalised booking page. Bookings are fully automated regardless of payment method used.

Each of teachers can contribute to the studio's operations. The receptionist manages attendance, while the teachers schedule their own classes and communicate with clients.

  • Credit Card Payments

    Instant payments for your classes. Accept card payments through the Stripe payment gateway.


  • Credit packs and entry passes

    Offer discounted bundles - credit pack or entry pass that your clients can use to pay for your classes.


  • Cancellation Windows

    Set up cancellation fees for when your client need to cancel their booking. Input your own rates whether it's a few hours or minutes before the class starts.


  • Statistics of Income and Teachers' Pay

    Monitor income from your events, as well as from bundles sold.

We organize classes several times a week, led by several different teachers.
Unlimited Bookings
Unlimited number of clients
Reminder and notification emails
Send messages to registered attendees
Unlimited Classes
Recurring Classes
Statistics of income from classes and bundles
Issue PDF receipts to clients
Exports for Accounting
Email marketing tools integration (Mailchimp, SmartEmailing)
Google/Apple/Outlook calendar integration (iCal)
Unlimited Staff Accounts (cooperating teachers)
Multi-level teacher access
Payroll for Your Teachers
No commitment required.

An extensive range of features to meet all your booking requirements

  • Open classes, courses and workshops

    Offer and promote your courses, open classes and one-day or multi-day workshops.


  • Class templates

    No need to fill in the same information over and over again. Create templates for your classes.


  • Custom Class Schedule Page

    Make it easy for your clients to book and pay for classes. Add a link to your website or social media profile.


  • Integration with Your Website

    Connect your class schedule in Zenamu with your Webnode, WordPress, Wix or custom JavaScript integration.


  • Online classes

    Allow your clients to practice from the comfort of their own home.


  • Issue PDF receipts to clients

    Zenamu can issue receipts to your clients for purchased credit pack, entry pass, and booked classes.

  • Make-up sessions

    When the course session attendance is canceled ahead of time, the client may receive a refund that can be applied towards any other class.


  • Discounted prices

    Tailor prices to your clients. Offer different discounted prices for students or seniors, or offer loyalty discounts for regulars.

  • Client Management & Attendance Tracking

    Record class attendance and process orders.

  • Waiting Lists

    Allow clients to book a place even if the class is at capacity.


  • Custom booking forms

    Tailor the booking forms for each occasion according to your preferences.

  • Custom Terms and Conditions and Data Protection (GDPR)

    Writing up rules and conditions is never fun. Zenamu will automatically generates it for you and display it on your schedule page.

  • Various permissions for teachers

    Invite other teachers who lead classes in your studio to join you. Set different rights for them to work with the system.


  • Send messages to registered attendees

    Notify your clients about class changes in one click.

  • Manage multiple practice locations

    Do you practice in several different locations? Does your studio have multiple rooms? Add them all so your clients can easily find where to go.

  • No Registration Required

    Enable your clients to book quickly, without registering an account. All they need is an email address.

Curious as to how Zenamu can enhance your practice?
We get that learning new system isn't your favourite free time activity 🙂

Let's meet online. In just a few minutes, we'll introduce our system, answer your questions, and assist you in setting up your account.

Barbara & Janand Zenamu team

The best choice for your studio with multiple instructors

Zenamu is the best choice for a yoga or dance studio.

Try Zenamu Professional or Studio for 30 days.

At the end of your trial, your account will transition to the Getting Started subscription plan, which you can continue to use at no cost.