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Teachers' permissions in the studio

Define which parts of the studio settings each teacher can access after logging into the system.

3 different permissions for teachers

Managing participant attendance in teacher's classes.

The primary role of a teacher is to manage the attendance of the classes they teach. They cannot manage attendance for classes taught by other teachers, nor do they have access to other parts of your settings.

This permission is granted by default to each newly created teacher and does not need to be configured.

This permission is particularly useful for external teachers.

Studio manager

A teacher with this permission can list new classes, cancel client bookings, and manage all attendance and orders. Although the authorization is higher, the teacher still cannot access other parts of the system, such as the studio settings for managing other teachers, payment methods, etc.

These permissions are suitable e.g. for receptionists.

Studio administrator

The administrator is the person who set up the account for their studio in Zenamu. This is the permission with the highest level of access and can be granted to other teachers. Teachers with this permission have access to all studio settings and all other parts of the system, including billing information and subscription management.

The permission is suitable for those who have full responsibility for the management and operation of the studio.

Setting permissions

To add a new teacher to your studio as an administrator, go to the Settings and click on the Teachers section. Then click on the + Add button.

You can define the permissions for the teacher at the bottom of the dialog box where you provide information about the newly added teacher:

If you don't want to set any of the extended permissions such as Studio Manager or Studio Administrator, you're done and the teacher can simply save.

Alternatively, you can check one or both of the options to define the extended permissions that the teacher has in managing your studio.