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Online Booking System & Reservation Software with transparent pricing

Try Zenamu Professional or Studio for 30 days.

At the end of your trial, your account will transition to the Getting Started subscription plan, which you can continue to use at no cost.

free for 1 month
Getting Started
I organize classes occasionally, usually practice up to 8 classes per month.
No strings attached.

All features like:

Unlimited Bookings
Unlimited number of clients
Automated Waiting Lists
Attendance Tracking
Reminder and notification emails
Send messages to registered attendees
1 teacher's account, limit for listing 8 of active classes during a one month period
Only active classes count towards the limit. That is, classes that you do not cancel before they start. If you cancel one class, you can list another class in its place.
I am an individual teacher. I organize workshops, open classes and courses.
per month (billed annually)

All features like in the Getting Started subscription, plus:

Unlimited Classes
Recurring Classes
Statistics of income from classes and bundles
Issue PDF receipts to clients
Email marketing tools integration (Mailchimp, SmartEmailing)
Google/Apple/Outlook calendar integration (iCal)
free for 1 month
We organize classes several times a week, led by several different teachers.
per month (billed annually)

All features plus features in the "Professional", plus:

Unlimited Staff Accounts (cooperating teachers) with different levels of permission
Payroll for Your Teachers
free for 1 month
Thanks for being with us 💚

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you curious about how Zenamu can enhance your practice?

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