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How to get started with the Zenamu booking system?

After registering in our system, you may be wondering how to navigate it. Don't worry, it's not complicated. In this article, we'll describe the different sections in the left sidebar, how to set up Zenamu, and how to create your first open class or course.

If you haven't created an account yet, please read our guide to get started.

The sidebar menu

When you log into Zenamu, you'll see a bar on the left side of the screen. This is the sidebar menu, where you can find different sections of the system. The first item in the sidebar links to a Class schedule of your upcoming classes.

calendar view with yoga classes

Class schedule displays all the classes for the current week in a clear format. If you want to see how your timetable appears to potential clients, click on the eye symbol.

ovládací prvky kalendáře s rozvrhem lekcí

My workshops

My workshops is the second item in the sidebar menu. This function will be useful if you organize workshops or seminars that focus on specific topics, techniques, or aspects, in addition to traditional open classes and courses.

yoga workshops list and creation

To create a new workshop, click on Create New Workshop. Here, you can add the main image, title, short description, scope, capacity, teachers, detailed description, price, address, and venue. You can preview a sample pranayama workshop below.

náhled vypsání jóga workshopu

My clients

My clients is the next item in the sidebar menu. It's a simple list of your clients that you can add manually, but they will also appear here when someone makes a booking for your class.

yoga studio clients overview

To add a new client, click on Add New Client and enter their name, email, and optional phone number. You can also indicate whether they agree to your studio's terms and Zenamu's terms and conditions, and whether they want to receive your email communications.

Note that system emails about bookings and payments will be sent to your clients regardless of whether they opt-in to receive your emails.

add new client to your yoga studio

Manage orders

Next on the sidebar is Manage orders. This section displays all the orders that your clients have placed, allowing you to keep track of their purchases.

yoga studio client orders

Manage my subscription

This section displays information about your subscription and billing information. When you sign up, we offer a 30-day unlimited trial so that you can fully experience what the system can do.

manage my subscription in Zenamu


The last item in the sidebar is Settings, which we'll describe in more detail in a separate section below.

What options are available for setting up Zenamu?

When you click on the Settings section, several tabs will appear:

  • Public Schedule
  • Class Booking
  • Teachers (if registered as a studio)
  • Locations
  • Class Templates
  • Notifications
  • Bundles
  • Payments
  • Terms and conditions and Privacy

We've tried to make this section as intuitive as possible, so you should be able to understand what each item is for within a few minutes.

Zenamu settings overview

Your public class schedule

You can edit the name, address, label, and contact details of your studio on the first tab. Don't forget to include your social media addresses, so your clients can easily find them.

You can also customize the display of your schedule either as a weekly calendar or a list.


Next, we recommend navigating to the Payments tab to set up the available payment methods for your clients. By default, in-person payment on-site is enabled.

client payments settings

Additionally, you can set up payments through credit card or bank transfer.

The process is straightforward and intuitive. To enable bank transfer as a payment option, you simply need to add your bank account number and a short description that will be displayed in the public description. This will allow clients to pay you directly through bank transfer to your account.

bank transfer settings

After saving, the payment by bank transfer will jump to the active methods. This works the same way for credit card payments.


Next, click on the Bookings tab. Here, you can select whether you want to allow clients to create bookings without registering or to create multiple bookings for one specific class. Allowing multiple bookings can be useful if a client wants to bring a friend to a class who doesn't have an account in Zenamu.

booking settings in Zenamu

Additionally, you can set up cancellation conditions, which allow you to penalize clients who cancel their booking at the last minute. To set up these conditions, simply click on the Add button, and select the percentage of the class price that the client must pay after cancellation, as well as the time period before the class starts during which the cancellation window is valid.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to the Help section.

new cancellation window

We recommend reviewing the other tabs as well, but if you are just getting familiar with the system, the settings listed above will be sufficient.

However, for the sake of completeness, let's describe them briefly.


If you run a studio with multiple teachers, you can add them all in the Teachers tab. When creating a class, you can then select which teacher will be in charge of the class at a given time.

To add a new teacher, click on Add and select their photo, contact details, a caption, and their permissions. By default, the teacher can manage attendance for the classes they teach.

However, you can extend their permissions to create new classes or workshops, cancel bookings, and manage all bookings. The next level of permissions is access to the studio settings and all other parts of the system.

You can learn more about collaborator permissions in our documentation.

add a new yoga teacher


If you are running classes in multiple locations, you can add them here and select them when creating individual classes. Setting up new locations is straightforward – just fill in the address and specify whether it is the same as the studio/your place or different.

add a new location

Class templates

As the name suggests, templates can come in handy if you create classes with identical information. Click Add to fill in details such as the template name, class title, description, format, capacity, price, difficulty, and more.

add a new template


The Notifications tab allows you to set up email notifications for various actions, such as when a client cancels a booking, creates a new booking, or orders a bundle (client account credit, class tickets).


Here, you can add new client account credit or class tickets. For example, you could create a package of 10 tickets for the price of 60 EUR, add a short description, and select a validity period of three months:

add a new ticket

Terms and conditions

The final tab is labeled Terms and Conditions. Here, you can specify the requirements for clients to participate in your classes. Zenamu will automatically fill in certain information from your settings, such as the deadline for opting out of a class, whether clients can bring friends, and what payment options are available. Therefore, you do not need to enter this information again.

The second part of the setup is the Privacy Policy, which clients will see when registering online. You do not have to fill out the GDPR on your own. Instead, you can use a template to make the administrative process easier ;).

How to create the first open class?

Click on Class Schedule on the left sidebar and then click on the + New Open Class button.

create a new open class

A window will appear with the class settings. You can either use a prepared class template, if you have one, or fill in the data manually.

If you choose to fill in the data manually, you need to select the class's title, description, date, time, length, whether it should be repeated weekly, capacity, location, and price.

Clicking on Additional Pricing Options lets you add discounted prices for specific groups of clients, such as seniors.

For instance, let's say we're creating an Ashtanga yoga class that starts on April 1, 2023, and will repeat every week for six months. The class will take place in the Blue Room, and cost 150 CZK. In this case, seniors will save money as they'll be allowed to enter for a fee of 100 CZK.

At the bottom of the page, you can decide whether to reject the booking. This feature is useful for pre-filled courses. The second button determines whether the class is publicly visible or not. The latter option can be useful if you offer private classes.

Don't forget to select the teacher and difficulty level in the right-hand pane.

create new class

After creating your class, you can publish it on your schedule at In our case, the link is, which we explained in our tutorial How to create a Zenamu account for a studio or an individual teacher.

To find your unique link, go to the Public Schedule tab in the Settings section and copy the link from there.

Then, add it to your website so that clients can easily access your schedule and make bookings. To make a booking, clients only need to provide their first name, last name, and email. Optionally, they can also provide a phone number and indicate whether they want to receive news from your studio.

make booking as a client

In the next step, the client selects the price of the class (seniors in our case receive a discounted price) and the payment method.

make booking as a client - payment method

And that's it!

We hope that we have made it easier for you to work with Zenamu. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Zenamu User Support (