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Creating an Account in Zenamu for Studios or Individual Teachers: A Step-by-Step Guide

Congratulations on choosing to simplify your class organization and streamline attendance for your yogis! Creating a Zenamu account is the next step to fully benefit from its features. Let's go through the process step by step:

1. Creating an Account

Click the registration link on our website.

You can refer to the screenshot below for a sample of how to fill out the registration form. Note that you can customize the URL of your unique schedule page. For example, if your studio is called Studio at the Great Yogi, you can choose great-yogi to simplify the address.

Yoga studio registration start

2. Filling in your account details

Now, you need to fill in the address of your studio or location if you registered as an individual teacher.

Setting the address for the yoga studio

The next step in filling in your account details is to provide the first location for your practice, such as a hall or park. Additionally, indicate whether the address is the same as the studio address or different. If you select "a different address," a short form will appear for you to enter the address.

Yoga studio registration

The last step is Your Zenamu Account page. Here, provide your first name, last name, and password.

We recommend creating a strong password that includes upper and lower case letters, at least one number, and at least one special character.

Yoga studio registration account

Is everything correct? Great! Click "Done," and your account is now fully created!

3. Basic Zenamu interface

After creating an account and filling in your details, Zenamu will take you to the basic interface of the app, where you can create your schedule. Want to try creating your first class right away? Click on New open class.

New open class

Create a New Class

Fill in the title, description (e.g., how the exercise will be conducted and who it is suitable for), date, time, and length. You can also select regular repetition every week.

Next, choose the venue format, class capacity, and location (at this stage, you will only have one location saved in the system; you can add more and select them as required in the app settings). Set the price, and you're ready to publish your first class!

To simplify the class creation process, you can use templates, which you can access and manage through Settings or directly in the creation window at the top.

Class creation

Class creation

In the main Zenamu interface, you can also set up a basic class schedule view. Do you prefer to display the entire current week with corresponding classes? Choose the first option. Do you find it easier to have a list of consecutive classes? Select the second option.

The third option (the eye symbol) will take you to the public view of the schedule. So you can get an idea of what it looks like for your clients.

Class creation

As we described in step one, your studio gets a unique URL for your schedule that you can send out to clients. What might it look like in practice? Check out the schedule for the fictitious Studio at the Great Yogi, where a Dynamic Morning Flow class is scheduled for every Wednesday at 9am, and up to 10 people can sign up for it.

Zenamu booking system interface

However, we recommend you check out all the other tabs on the left - overview of clients, all orders overview, your subscription and settings. Here you can set up things like bookings, teachers, class templates or payments.

Zenamu booking system interface

You can read about these and other features in our follow-up article First steps in Zenamu.