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Automated Email Notifications in Zenamu for You and Your Yogis

Zenamu saves you time by automatically sending out emails to you and your yogis. These emails encompass booking confirmations, notifications of new bundle orders (such as entry passes and credit packs), schedule changes, and class cancellations.

Emails to Yogis

Orders and Payments

Welcoming a New Yogi

This email is sent to a client when they book a spot in a class, course, or workshop for the first time. The same message is conveyed when you manually add a new client in system administration.

Booking Confirmation

Sent immediately after a client books a class, course, or workshop, this email provides details like date, time, location, teacher, payment method, and more. It also contains a link for managing the booking.

Payment Confirmation

This email is sent when the teacher records a client's booking as paid.

Waitlist Email

If a spot becomes available in a class, this email notifies a yogi on the waitlist that they have been automatically registered.

Available Spots for the Class

Clients receive this email when a class they're interested in has open spots.

Information for Joining an Online Class

Registered participants with confirmed payments receive this email an hour before an online class starts. It provides access details, including a link to the live stream (e.g., Zoom, YouTube) and other pertinent information. The email is also sent whenever there's a change in the link or associated details.

Changes in Teacher or Location

All participants receive this email when there's a change in the teacher or the location of a class.

Cancellation of Bookings

Cancellation of a Class, Course, or Workshop

Should a class, course, or workshop be canceled, all participants are informed through this email. The content of this email can be tailored.

Cancellation by the Teacher

This email confirms when a teacher cancels a client's booking, whether due to reasons like non-payment or post-cancellation deadline requests.

Cancellation by the Client

Clients receive this email when they cancel a booking.


Approaching Expiry Date

Two weeks before the expiry of purchased entry pass or credit pack, this email is sent to clients, informing them about the impending expiry and options for renewal.


Upon the expiration of entry passes or credits, clients receive this email, detailing the expired status and options for purchase.

Adding a Entry Pass or Credit Pack to the Client's Account

This email confirms the addition of entry passes or credits to a client's account. Such additions can be manually done in system administration, especially when a client makes a physical purchase at the studio.

Order Confirmation and Payment

After the creation of a bundle order, this email is sent. Once payment is received and confirmed, another email notifies the client.

Emails to Studio Administrators and Other Teachers

For Studio Administrators

Under Notifications in system settings, studio administrators can toggle the following three email notifications:

New Booking

This email is triggered when a new booking for a class, course, or workshop is made.

New Bundle Order

This email notifies when a new order for entry pass or credit pack is made.


Administrators receive this email when a booking for a class is canceled.

For All Teachers

Adding a Teacher to the Studio

When added as a new teacher in system settings, individuals receive this email. If the teacher doesn't have an existing Zenamu account, the email provides a link to Zenamu, allowing them to set a password and access class management features.

Reminder to Add Information to the Online Class

One hour before an online class begins, if the class lacks a live stream link (Zoom, YouTube...), the assigned teacher gets this reminder email.