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Free online booking system

The Free Plan is an excellent starting point for aspiring instructors who conduct classes occasionally and don't have any courses or multi-day workshops yet.

This option allows you to begin your practice with the benefits of a reservation system without any financial costs.

The goal is to support the development of budding instructors, which can be a significant challenge, especially at the beginning.

What features are supported in the Free Plan?

What are the limitations of the Free Plan?

In the Free Plan:

  • only 1 teacher's account is allowed
  • courses or multi-day workshops are not supported
  • statistics and export of payment-related data are not supported
  • integration with newsletter tools (SmartEmailing or Mailchimp) is not supported
  • you can list a maximum of 8 active lessons within a 30-day period
  • you cannot use the "Repeat Lesson" feature

How does the limit of 8 active lessons in 30 days work?

The 30-day window is not bound to the calendar month but is counted as 30 days from the day you registered.

Every 30 days, your limit refreshes, allowing you to list another 8 lessons, regardless of whether they are scheduled for the current or future months.

Only active classes count towards the limit. That is, classes that you do not cancel before they start. If you cancel one class, you can list another class in its place.

You can find the exact details of your period and the number of remaining lessons in the top right bar.

Free tier info

  • You started using the Free Plan from 1.1.
  • Between the period of 1.1. - 30.1., you listed 8 lessons - 4 for January and 4 for February.
  • On 31.1., your limit is refreshed, allowing you to list another 8 lessons for any subsequent month - for example, March.
  • Your next limit refreshes again after 30 days, i.e., 2.3., then 1.4., and so on.