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How Credit Packs and Entry Passes Work

Many clients prefer using credits or entries to pay for classes, rather than searching for a payment card every time they book. You can provide them with the option to purchase discounted credit packs or entry passes.

Credit packs serve as virtual money, allowing your clients to pay for classes. When they book a class, the corresponding amount in credits (e.g., 15 credits) is deducted from their account.

Entry passes are essentially prepaid bundles of classes (e.g., 10 entries for 100 EUR). If a client books a class priced at 10 EUR and chooses 1 entry as their payment option, one entry will be deducted from their account.

Similar to credits, you can offer discounted bundles for entries. You have the flexibility to determine the number of entries, set the price, and define their validity.

Both credits and admissions can also be used for courses and workshops, provided you have set this pricing option during their creation.

Credits and Tickets - Schedule

Purchasing Credit Pack and Entry Pass

To purchase a credit pack or entry pass, your clients need to create their own Zenamu accounts. This ensures the credits or entries are linked to a specific account.


Simple for both you and your clients
  • Payments are made in advance
  • Credits or entries are automatically deducted after booking
  • Automatic registration from the waiting list
  • The credit system ensures transparency, and fair cancellation fees can be established

Which Should I Choose?

Both systems offer many shared benefits (as mentioned above). So, what sets them apart?

The entry pass system is somewhat more straightforward than the credit pack system and is beneficial if you consistently charge the same price per class. Marketing campaigns like "10+1 free entry" are also more effective with this system. It's especially suitable for individual teachers.

On the other hand, if your classes have varying prices, the credit system will be more advantageous. Additionally, it allows you to set a cancellation policy where clients, for instance, may only receive back 50% of their credits if they cancel a class shortly before it begins.

Of course, you have the option to utilize both systems together.

For detailed documentation and setup instructions, see: