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How to Split Payment for a Course or Workshop into a Deposit and Balance?

Zenamu doesn't natively support this

By default, Zenamu doesn’t support splitting an order into parts. 😢

However, if this feature is crucial for us, we can work around this limitation as follows:

1. List the workshop with an expected capacity multiplied by 2

  • For instance, for a workshop intended for 12 people, set the capacity to 24.

2. Do not publicly display the capacity

This is to avoid confusing clients that there is space for so many people and the number of people registered.


3. Create 2 pricing options like this:

    1. The total price of the workshop for those who want to pay for the entire workshop upfront.
    1. The deposit (added as "Another Pricing Option")

workshop hack 1 workshop hack 2 workshop hack 3

4. Communicate in the workshop description that payment must be made either in full upfront or with the 1st deposit by a specific date

  • For example, the 1st deposit must be paid by no later than, say, March 20, 2024.

5. After the specified date, adjust the workshop, remove the 1st deposit pricing option from the offer, and replace it with the 2nd deposit/balance payment option

  • Remove the 1st deposit so it doesn’t show up in your workshop overview (delete using the trash icon)

  • Deleting it doesn’t mean orders paid with it will be deleted - you’ll still see orders with the payment type "1st deposit" in the participants overview.

  • Add a new pricing option "2nd deposit" - and direct clients again to the detail page of your workshop, asking them to pay the 2nd deposit/balance.

workshop hack 4

5. You will have 2 orders for each client in the order overview

This way, it could work out having 2 orders for each client (1st deposit, balance) - hence the doubled capacity when listing.