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How to create a course?

Creating a course in the Zenamu booking system is easy. There are two options from where it can be created:

  1. From the My Workshops and Courses sidebar, in the Courses tab and click on the New Course button.
  2. From the calendar, Create new class and here again there is a New course button.

Course Create

  • fill in the name, general description and all other information
  • on the right, fill in when the course starts and how many terms it has, these will then be automatically generated below, where you can further edit them as you wish

How to add a different description to each term?

Just click Add a more detailed description for each term and fill it out.

description of course dates

How to set the course price?

You set the course price in the Price tab. You can choose one of the payment options (cash, credits or entries) or a combination of them.

The price for one session is relevant for you when the course starts and the capacity is not completely filled. In this case, clients can register to individual sessions from the course in the same way as for open classes.

how to set the course price

Price for one session

Typically, the price for individual sessions is set slightly higher than the cost of the entire course. Clients who enroll for the entire course will, therefore, benefit from more favorable rates per individual lesson compared to those who sign up for sessions separately. This arrangement also provides you with greater certainty that the course will be filled.

Don't you want to allow people to register on separate sessions in courses?

This can be set for each individual course. Simply uncheck all the pricing options that allow you to purchase a single term. How to delete the option to sign up for available seats in a course

You can also set different payment methods.

When exactly does the price per one class start to appear?

By default, it happens right after you create the course; however, this can be readjusted for all courses in the general settings, see How do course vacancies work? for more information.

How can a client enroll for the remaining part of the course?

One of the very common situations is when someone misses the beginning of a course (typically the first session) but would still like to attend the entire course.

It's not very user-friendly to click through each session separately and register for it, especially if the course has, for example, 10 sessions. This could discourage clients from purchasing almost the entire course.

Therefore, there is an option to enable enrollment for the remaining part of the course with a discount.

Enable login for the rest of the course

The Zenamu booking system calculates the price automatically as:

Price = (total price/number of sessions) * number of remaining sessions

Example: We have a course with 10 sessions for 100 EUR (1 date costs 10 EUR). If the client registers for the course from the 3rd term, i.e. he did not attend the first two lessons, the price for him will be: 100 - (2*10) = 80 EUR.

If you do not want to enable this option, leave this option unchecked.

How to make the course visible in the schedule without the option for individual registration?

If you want to have full control over the participant registration process and register participants only manually, check the Don't allow clients to book this class.

don't allow clients registration to courses

What are the additional course settings options?

These are all the settings that can be configured for each course individually.

For common course settings, such as cancellation conditions or open registrations, see course common settings.