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How do I manage my course?

How to add a participant after the course has started?

Sometimes a client comes straight to your class and you want to add them back to a course that has already started. You can do this in the course administration. How?

Click on the course you want to add a participant to and click on the "Add Participant" button. The course option will appear, and you can check the dates you want to add the participant to. The price is calculated automatically depending on how many terms you select.

Adding a participant to a course after the start

How do makeup sessions works?

If someone want to cancel one term from course, when it was in advance then 1 makeup session will be added to his account. This can be used for another open class, it is similar to having a entry pass.

See the separate help page: How your client will use makeup session?

How to save time when creating new courses or workshops?

Once you've gone to the trouble of creating one course, you can then make a copy of it using the Use as template button and then just edit it as you need.

create course from template

I divide the payment for the course or workshop into a deposit and a supplementary payment. Can this be set up in Zenamu?

Zenamu is currently unable to split the payment into a deposit and a supplementary payment.

If you need this, we have found a workaround to set this up anyway: How do I split a course or workshop payment into a deposit and a balance? .

How to add a new term to the course?

In the bottom right of the course details there is a button Add course session. Click on it and fill in the form.

At the same time, all course participants are automatically added to this new term.

Courses add course session

How to cancel a term in the course?

Click on the desired term and click on the Cancel this term button on the bottom right. This will open a modal window where you can enter a reason for cancelling the term, which will be emailed to your clients.

How to cancel a term in the course

Depending on how you have agreed with your clients, you can send them money back, add an entry pass or credits, or the most typical solution is to add an alternate term (see above) to which all participants will be added automatically.

I need to postpone the course to another day. How to do it?

You can create a new term to which all participants will be automatically added and cancel the original one. This will keep the fact that the date has been cancelled on your calendar and your clients will receive an informative email about the cancellation. Because not every client can make the new appointment, you should be prepared to offer your clients some other compensation for the cancelled appointment (refund, add an entry pass, credits, etc.).