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Waiting List

With this feature, you can offer your clients the option to book a class through a waiting list, even when it's fully booked.

Please note: This feature is only available if you are using the credit pack system or entry pass system. Therefore, you need to provide bundles that your clients can purchase for making reservations.

When a client who has bought credit pack/entry pass wants to book a class at full capacity, their reservation is paid for with these credits/entries. The amount used for the booking is then held as a deposit until the start of the class. This way, the client is enrolled, and waiting in line for an available spot.

What Happens in Case of a Vacancy?

It works as the FIFO (First In, First Out) basis. Specifically:

  • If a vacancy occurs, the place is given to the client who applied as first
  • In the case of another vacancy, the client who entered the line as second is automatically assigned
  • This process continues accordingly

It is fully automated thanks to Zenamu. The client also receives an automatic email notification, and the previously blocked deposit is then fully charged from the client's account.

What if a spot doesn't open up for a class?

If a spot does not become available, the blocked credits or entries are automatically returned to the client's account.

Set it up

The "Waitlist" can be enabled in Settings => Class Booking => Waitlist.

What if I just want to alert clients to a vacancy?

Zenamu offers a feature we call "Watchdog". This feature allows clients to sign up for email alerts that inform them when a spot becomes available for a class. However, if the "Waitlist" feature is activated, clients on the waiting list get priority in the event of a vacancy and the watchdog does not send an email.

A notification email is only sent if there is no client waiting in the queue.

When a spot becomes available and there are no clients waiting, an email is sent, and the reservation of the spot becomes available to all.