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How to integrate the schedule to my Webnode website?

The integration takes no more than 5 minutes and requires no technical background.

If you run your website with another content management system, integration is also possible. See our tutorials for embedding a schedule into a site with WordPress , or choose your own solution via JavaScript.

Steps in Zenamu administration

1. Copy the code from your Zenamu account administration

  • Copy the code from your administration (log in to Zenamu and go to Settings > Public Schedule > Integration with your website).

Steps in Webnode administration

  • Log in to your administration at Webnode.
  • Click on Pages in the top menu.

  • Select the page where you want to insert the timetable and click Edit.
  • Alternatively, create a new page (option + Add page).

  • If you decide to add a new page, choose any template you like - feel free to use the Blank Page template:

  • Name it e.g. Booking.

2. Inserting the code into the page in Webnode

  • Hover over the content section to display the plus button to add a new content block. The button is shaped like a " droplet" 🙂 .
  • Select HTML from the content menu.

  • Click OK
  • The editor will only display information about the inserted code, the resulting widget will be displayed in the published version later.

3. Done!

It looks similar to the following schedule 😏.



Class schedule

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