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How to integrate the class schedule to my website?

Do you run your own website and would you like to integrate your Zenamu classes with any page from your website? We offer a simple integration. The integration takes no more than 5 minutes and requires no technical background.

The schedule can be embedded into all web content management solutions such as Webnode, WordPress or _ Wix.com_.

If you use a custom solution, integration is possible via JavaScript (we recommend this option with your webmaster).

What part will be displayed on your website?

Your website will display a list of classes taking place in the next 30 days. The list is fully responsive ( automatically adjusts to width on different devices and screens) and is compatible with other components on the site.

If your client clicks on the class title, the description is shown. If a client clicks on the booking button, they will be redirected to the booking system.

It looks similar to the following schedule 😏.

Are you wondering how Zenamu can help enhance your practice? Below you can book Zenamu demo directly with Zenamu itself!

We'll meet online via Google Meet, and within a few minutes we'll introduce our system, answer your questions, and help you set up your account.