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Stripe troubleshooting

My card payments stopped working: "This Connect account cannot currently make live charges"

If you start seeing this message when you pay by card, it means that the Stripe payment gateway needs some additional information (typically verification of your identity via a valid invoice or ID).

Stripe, like any service, may change its terms and conditions over time, or the status on your end may have changed (you've exceeded some revenue limit, up to which you don't need to supply any additional verification, etc.). So check your email that you have Stripe set up under, there will be some notification, what information they need to be provided from you.

You can also find out what they need by clicking "Link account to Stripe" again in the app.

Unfortunately we can't see what exatly is needed this from our side and can't set it up, we can only verify the status of your account.


Until you have this completed in Stripe, I recommend disabling card payments so it's not confusing for your clients and not unnecessarily interrupt their bookings.