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Setting the open class templates in Zenamu

Manually listing classes with the same title, description, or price each time can be tedious. That's why Zenamu allows you to create templates for them. You only need to fill in these templates once, and then you can generate similar classes with just one click.

How to do it?

After logging in to your account, click on the gear icon Settings, which is the last item on the sidebar.

Zenamu Settings

This will take you to the Settings page, where you can modify your public schedule or create locations where you teach. We have provided more details about these sections here.

However, you are now interested in Class Templates.

After clicking on this field, the following screen will appear.

Zenamu Templates Settings

To create a new template, click on Add.

A window will pop up, similar to when creating a new class. The template name is only for your reference. Other details will be visible to your clients, but you can customize them when creating each class.

These details include the class title, description, format, and capacity. The duration is specified in minutes for templates.

If you offer discounted prices for certain groups of clients (such as seniors or students), remember to fill them in by clicking on Other Pricing Options. The filled-in window may look like this:

Creating a Zenamu Template

Once you are satisfied with the filled-in information, you can click Save. The template will then appear in the Class Templates section.

Now, using the template to create classes is straightforward. Go to the first item on the sidebar - Calendar - and click on Create new term > New open class.

New Schedule in Zenamu

The first item in the subsequent window is Template, where you simply need to select any template you created. All relevant information will be pre-filled, which you can keep as is or modify before publishing.

New Schedule in Zenamu

You can create as many templates as you need and save a considerable amount of time.