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Setting the course and workshop templates in Zenamu

Manually listing classes with the same title, description, or price each time can be tedious. That's why Zenamu allows you to create templates for them. You only need to fill in these templates once, and then you can generate similar classes with just one click.

How to do it?

After logging in to your account, click on the icon My workshops and courses.

Zenamu Booking system settings

This will direct you to the overview page, where you can browse through the workshops and courses you have previously listed. You can switch between both types of classes (see A. in the picture below).

Zenamu Courses and Workshops overview

If you wish to use any of these previously created classes as a template for you new class type, simply click on the Use as a template option (see B. in the picture above) at the bottom of the card representing the class.

And that's it! It's that simple.

The form to create a new workshop is pre-filled with data from your last class. You can modify the data as you wish. You've just saved yourself a few minutes that you would have otherwise spent manually filling it in, and it only cost you a few mouse clicks.

Creating a Zenamu workshop from a Template