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Stripe payments info

When will I be credited for my card payment?

If you have managed to connect your Zenamu account to Stripe and have received the first card payments from your clients, you can see a detailed overview of the payments in your Stripe account administration Payments section of your (dashboard), e.g.:

To your personal account, Stripe will send you money automatically every week (unless you chose otherwise) as one amount together.

Stripe payment statuses

In the payment summary you can see the following conditions:

  • Succeeded - Payment succeeded. This payment is complete and the amount was debited from the client's bank account. The amount is credited to your total Stripe account balance.
  • Incomplete - No payment has been made. The client has not yet filled in his/her credit card details and has not made transaction.
  • Failed - Payments declined by card issuers. Blocked payments.
  • Uncaptured - The payment was OK, but the amount is not "debited" from the client's bank account, but only " blocked". It is not yet credited to your total Stripe account balance. Don't worry. The reason is that Zenamu saves your money and prevents unnecessary fees (see next section How Zenamu prevents unnecessary fees from cancelled bookings?)
  • Canceled - The payment was canceled by you as a studio owner.
  • Refunded - The payment was canceled by the client and the amount was refunded to the client.

How Zenamu prevents unnecessary fees from cancelled bookings?

Zenamu potentially saves you money on cancelled bookings. When creating a payment for a class or course, we tell Stripe not to deduct the amount from the client's bank account immediately, but to keep it in the client's bank account for some time blocked. If the amount is immediately "debited" from the bank account, Stripe already charges a transaction fee for this transaction (e.g. in the case of price 10 EUR per class, the transaction fee is 0.4 EUR see Stripe pricing). And if client changes his mind and cancels the booking, the difference in the transaction fee is refunded to the client by you.

In other words - if the client cancels their booking on time, they will get the full amount back, and you would pay the transaction fee.

Therefore, if the amount is only blocked (state Uncaptured), you do not pay anything in case of cancellation, and it is free.

The unblocking and debiting is done in time and automatically by us, either just before the class (if the payment has been made less than a week before the class) or after about 6 days from payment has been made, provided the class is held for 7 or more days - because the amount can only be blocked in the bank account for 7 days and if it is not unblocked, the bank will cancel the payment.

Once unblocked, the payment will be in Succeeded status in Stripe.

Why it is so complicated?

The Stripe payment flow is challenging to explain because it delves deeply into the internal workings of Stripe and the banking processes involved. We've opted for a slightly more complex flow that includes an 'uncaptured' state and a 7-day window to save on Stripe cancellation fees and prevent potential fraud from clients who might repeatedly make and cancel orders, each incurring a cancellation fee.

However, we acknowledge that this process might be confusing initially.

Our recommendation is to give it a try, test it with some small amount, and observe how it functions in practice. Alternatively, you can trust us; we've tested it before, and it does work. 😉

How canceled and refunded payments are displayed in Stripe?

In Stripe the uncaptured -> canceled (by you as a studio owner) payment looks like this: (screenshot from payment detail).

And here one for captured -> canceled by user -> refunded.